Miss Misery's Movie Massacre
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Miss Misery's Movie Massacre! Saturdays at 9pm to 11pm Pacific, 11:00 CST. on Channel KCTH 27 on AT&T U-Verse through out California just go to channel 99 and scroll down to find Channel 27 or Chabot College TV Streaming live at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/tv/ Be sure to also watch it on your Smartphone! Be Part Of The Movie Massacre Madness Of Over 10,000 Viewers!

Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 1 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 2 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 3
Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 1 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 2 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 3
Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 4 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 5 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 6
Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 4 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 5 Miss Misery Movie Massacre Ep 6

Are you ready to meet the cast of our show?
Short biographies and photos are below!!!!!


Miss Misery:

Mr. Torture:

Lord Blood Rah

Miss Misery Mr. Torture Lord Blood-Rah
Miss Misery is one hell of a hot, sexy, Axe loving Demon. That’s right this half Demon, half witch can tell you it isn’t easy being weird. Her father; a very highly overrated Demon named Lord Baal (One of the 7 princes of hell) wed Adel Young, a beautiful witch who had powers beyond anything you can imagine. Miss Misery is one of four children. Being brought up in hell there wasn’t much to do for her but watch horror films, The Twilight Zone, and Creature Features. She was never that psyched about helping take over hell. All she wanted to do was have her name in lights and blood. As she got older she realized she wanted to come to earth and take over the world. (And stalk John Stanley) Born in 1983 in a small town in Hell called Stake Town she learned how to use every different weapon known to man from her One eyed purple neighbors. But the Axe was always and will forever be her favorite torture device. That and smashing people over the head with a Guitar. She loves her some Guitar Players!!  She has two older brothers, Devon and Cresil. They’re into the family business of selling souls. Her two younger sisters, Sapphire and Crystal want nothing more but to get married and have a bunch of Demon children. They are some annoying girls!! Miss Misery soon came to realize that she needed to get away and be her own Demon. She traveled through dimensions until she finally hit earth. She landed in San Francisco and from there started her career of Hosting and being as sexy as she can be. She hit a guy over the head with her axe dragged him home and forced him to be her camera man for her show “The Last Doorway“. They developed a romantic relationship and have been happy ever since. She hopes to have a little Demon of her own someday.  If you think that isn’t enough she hosts shows around the bay area and has her own segment called Web Of Insanity on Creepy Kofy Movie time on Kofy 20 Saturday Nights at 11pm! Sometimes you can find her in Hollywood drinking Bloody Mary’s with her gal pal Ms. Vampy!! Welcome all whom enters my dungeon of death and pain! Not to fear, I am the final judgement, that you'll feel my axe, and slain! Just hearing you scream, is the blood lust I dream, a happy ending, to my violent scheme!
Greetings and well met. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am affectionately called, "Mr.Torture". A name given to me by my dark, evil highness queen, "Miss Misery".
It was many centuries ago that I was discovered by Misery. I was nothing but a lowly executioner servant to the King of England during the time of the old dark ages. I had been placed under arrest by the orders of the King, for committing the crime of a botch beheading, that I had performed earlier that day. a serious crime, and an insult to the public citizens of London. Now sitting in my dungeon cell, I am to meet the same fate that I have sent others to.
While sitting in my cell and saying my prayers, awaiting my execution before dawn, a dark mist had entered through my cell door, turning slowly into this human form of a woman. I was not clear on what my eyes had beheld, until a voice had echoed from this lady form, speaking with a most pleasant voice, saying "...I am Miss Misery, I listened to your prayers, I can, and have the power to set you free, as well as long life.....” I was in shock to see and hear that my prayers where answered by this dark precious angel. I spoke, and I had asked her, "..Are you an angel sent by the lord, our God?..", she had paused for a moment, and she spoke again, ".....We are all God's children, but I am from a different twist in this spiritual realm! Muuahahahah!!!....". I thought to myself, my God, she is a spawn of satan!! My mind was in mass confusion, thinking of what a horrible life I was living, now knowing I was to face the block and axe on Tower Hill, I know my life needs more thrills, more excitement, and as I was feeling Misery's power and possession, and MORE BLOOD! She spoke again to me, "...I need you by my side, your protection, my servant, my loyal guard, my passer of judgement to those whom betray me!! I shall call you, MR. TORTURE!!! Muuuahahahahah!!!!...."
With a swift kick, Miss Misery smashed out the cell door, with me at her side, we sliced, crushed, and slained our way out, to my freedom! Then, and now to this present day, I share this un-aged power and evil with my dark, evil highness queen, "MISS MISERY!!".......this is my story, and I'm sticking with it!
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